The Best Sativa Edibles For Sale

Looking for a way to add some extra energy and focus to your day? A THC-infused sativa edibles may just be the boost you’re looking for. In this article, we’ll look at what makes a good sativa edible and why District Edibles are one of the best sativa edibles for sale. 

With weed legalization quickly spreading across the United States, the market for weed edibles has grown alongside it, with THC gummies becoming the most popular way to consume edibles. Edibles are all made differently - some have varying levels of THC, are made with different ingredients including sugar content, vegan friendly, flavors and some even have enhancements to offer features like a fast acting onset time. It’s important to understand what to look for when buying THC edibles and to read the labels of the ingredients inside the edibles. We recommend only buying edibles from licensed cannabis dispensaries as black market edibles could be subject to riskier things like pesticides or harmful solvents in the THC oil that are mitigated by mandatory state testing in legal cannabis dispensaries.

Here at District Edibles, we’ve got you covered. Our THC edibles are celebrated for their undeniably delicious flavors, potent effects, and quality ingredients. They are excellent for mental and physical relaxation, pain relief, sleeping, and much more. While Indica gummies are frequently used for sleeping and relaxation, Sativa gummies are perfect for those who are looking for an invigorating and energizing edible experience.

What Are Sativa Edibles?


Sativa edibles are THC infused products that are formulated with a sativa based cannabis oil. There are two main types of cannabis: indica and sativa which are broadly characterized by the effects they have when consumed. There are a number of nuances to indica and sativa driven by their terpene profiles and cannabinoid contents but generally speaking indica creates a more relaxing effect on the body and sativa creates a more energizing, uplifting effect when consumed and often a ‘head high’ rather than a ‘body high’. 

When you go to purchase an edible, one of the first things you should look at is the intended effect of the edible which will typically be categorized as a sativa edible, indica edible or hybrid edible. Some edible manufacturers, like Lunchbox Alchemy CBD, offer their edibles for certain effects like sleep or relaxation which are often enhanced with other nutraceuticals.


Why District Edibles THC Gummies?


Our sativa edibles are made in small batches from scratch with high-quality ingredients, including cane sugar, confectionery gelatin, and fully-activated refined cannabis oil. Our THC gummies are made with gelatin for a true gummy experience, similar to what you might find in a candy aisle, rather than pectin which offers more of a fruit chew like consistency. Each gummy is consistently dosed with 10mg of THC to ensure the perfect high every time. If you’re looking to enjoy a lower dose of THC, District Edibles can be easily dosed into approximately 2.5mg servings by biting off a quarter of the trefoil shape.

Our gummies are low-fat, low-sugar, gluten-free, and absolutely delicious at less than 10 calories and only three grams of sugar per serving! This is one of the lowest sugar edible options available as most THC gummies come coated in sugar to prevent sticking. Ours however are individually sealed to keep them fresh and allow us to keep the sugar content down. District Edibles sativa gummies will have minimal cannabis taste as our gummies are infused with distillate cannabis oil.

Ready to Experience the Difference? Keep reading to learn more about District Edibles and the top-of-the-line Sativa gummies that we have to offer.


Paradise Punch Sativa Gummy

sativa edibles

These Sativa THC edibles take you to paradise with a burst of fruity flavor. These gummies are precisely dosed for the ultimate high and make a perfect complement to a day at the beach. Our Paradise Punch gummies are also available in a 1:1 CBD option.


Cosmic Cherry Cola Sativa Gummy

sativa edible gummies

A sweet, refreshing treat, these sativa gummies are reminiscent of your favorite slurpees and go down just as easily. They’ll leave you perked up and satisfied for whatever comes next. 


Sour Lunar Lime Sativa Gummies

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Invigorate your tastebuds with these sour Sativa THC gummies that are guaranteed to have you ready for whatever adventures the day brings. Our Lunar Lime gummies offer the perfect zing to stimulate your mind and promote productivity.



Stellar Strawberry Sativa Edible

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Your tastebuds will be singing from the juicy goodness that these Sativa gummies bring to the table. These weed edibles pack a powerful punch of sweet and juicy strawberries that make a great way to start your day.

Here at District Edibles, we know that the key to exceptional edibles is using exceptional oil. That’s why each batch is made with fully-activated cannabis oil, in small batches to provide the ultimate THC edible high. Depending on your needs, we also offer Indica and Hybrid THC gummies that are sure to deliver an equally pleasant experience.

Our award-winning weed edibles have been the top-selling gummies in multiple states for a reason. The exceptional quality of our edibles paired with their exciting flavors and colors is difficult to compete with.

 Experience the Difference by trying our favorite Sativa edibles today!