THC Edible Dosages for First-Timers: What you need to know

Are you interested in trying edibles for the first time, but don’t know how much to take? Many cannabis users are inexperienced with THC edible dosages. You may be familiar with flower, however eating edibles is an entirely different experience. 


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Whether you are experienced with edibles or not, you should start with a low THC edible dosage. Both Colorado and California public health organizations recognize 10mg as a single serving, however eating too much may produce unwanted effects (Denver Public Health). Since you can always take more, starting with a smaller dosage is always a good idea. We recommend a 5mg dose as a great place to start.


Edibles Dosing Chart

(Dr. Sulak)


Tips for Beginners

We recommend waiting at least two hours after your first THC edible dosage to allow time for the edible to kick in. “One person’s response to a dose of edible cannabis can vary significantly from the next. […] Several factors are involved, including previous history of cannabis use, gastrointestinal factors, and the function/sensitivity of one’s endocannabinoid system” (Dr. Sulak). If after a sufficient amount of time has passed and you still do not feel the effects of the edible, try eating a snack to aid digestion and absorption in the gut (Dr. Sulak). If that doesn’t help, then you can try taking another small dose of 5mg or less and waiting another couple of hours.


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Consume Responsibly

Please remember, edibles take longer to take effect and provide a different type of high than smoking does. You will want to take it slow and only amp up the dosage after you see how your body responds to them. Edibles affect everyone differently, so take the time to figure out the proper THC edible dosage for you. Until you are more experienced, start off with a low dose and wait up to 2 hours before taking more. If you think you may have taken too many edibles, here are 8 Ways to Counteract a Too-Intense Cannabis High (Rough).


Now What?

Now that you did your research, it’s time to try some edibles! We recommend District Edibles gummies. District Edibles are THC edibles in the form of a gummy candy. They come in various flavors, so you can find your favorite one! Each individual gummy in the package is a 10mg dose which are easy to rip or bite in half in order to take a lower dose of 5mg. District Edibles are available in many dispensaries across the country and come in sativa, indica, or hybrid dominances in order to customize the experience you desire.


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