Top 10 Tips If you Get Too High

Consume too much weed? Here are District Edibles top ten tips if you get too high.


Every cannabis consumer has been there at one point. Whether it was too many hits on the bong or the brownie effects turned out to be stronger than you thought. Enjoying the high from cannabis is often an enjoyable experience, however, getting too high or as some say “greening out” can turn your experience south quickly. While at District THC Edibles we love creating great cannabis edibles infused with THC we understand that occasionally there are times where the high from THC and edibles can feel like too much when over-consumed. As a company, one of our goals is to try to inform readers on how to be an educated cannabis consumer so that over-consumption or an uncomfortable edible high does not occur, including tips on how to properly dose THC edibles for beginners. However, that won’t always be the case so if you’re experiencing the feeling of being ‘too high’ read on for 10 helpful tips on how to mitigate the adverse effects of an uncomfortable cannabis high.


10. Talk to a Friend


Humans are all about social connection. Socializing is an evolutionary trait, and can help distract from the feeling of being too high. Talking and being around people naturally calms us down when we are feeling anxious or paranoid. You can either talk with someone about how you’re feeling or use it as an opportunity to try to distract yourself from the feeling entirely. If you’re close with the person you’re talking to, hugging that person can also really help reduce feelings of anxiety or paranoia. Talking and physical contact stimulates the frontal lobe of the brain which can help mitigate negative emotions and help to refocus the brain.

Besides, friends make us laugh, which is a win-win. So next time you are feeling anxious, try talking to your closest friend. Remember, a big part of having a good high depends on who you are around. 

9. Lay Down and get Comfy!


If you’re too high you may find yourself pacing back and forth wondering if you’re having a heart attack with your thoughts racing a mile a minute. Asking yourself, when is this damn high going to be over? It can be hard but try to quit fidgeting! If you can, get under your softest blanket, we recommend a weighted one for anxiety in general. The more pressure you add to your body the more it relaxes the vagus nerve which stimulates total mind-body relaxation. So lay down and get comfy! It may not take your high away but at least you will be wrapped up in bed and ready to sleep as you begin coming down from your high.

8. Hydration, Hydration


Staying hydrated is one of the keys to staying happy and healthy, not just when you’re smoking cannabis but in our daily lives. It becomes even more important when you’re smoking & using cannabis because smoking dries your mouth out. You’ve likely heard of the term ‘cottonmouth’. When we are too high not only do our mouths dry out from the smoke and when we are under stress or having anxiety our saliva production naturally decreases. Leading to increased levels of dry mouth. Water may not get you out of the bad high but it will sure help with comfort and can help to recenter your body a bit more.

7. Move your Body


Okay so we know we just told you guys to lay down and get comfy. But we also understand that it doesn't work for everyone. Getting your blood flowing can help take the mind's focus off of the high. It will also get the cannabinoids moving around and processed through your system quicker. Whether this looks like a hard core exercise or an easy walk, moving can help. It can put us into a state of mediation, which relaxes us and focuses our mind into the present and off of fears. Bonus: you also might start sweating which will help release endocannabinoids from the body. 

6. Writing or Drawing


It can feel great to jot down and dream about future plans or express what's on your mind in a creative way. You can use this tip in a creative manner or a practical one. If you’re artistically inclined you may opt for drawing, a coloring book or knitting to help get your mind off things. Maybe you even consider a creative journal prompt to get your imagination going and your mind somewhere else. If you’re looking for a practical distraction, consider writing down that needed grocery list or a task list of things you need to get done. Writing a drawing can be a great outlet for mitigating feelings of stress and allowing your creativity to flow and take over from the bad feelings. 

5. Try Some CBD


cbd gummies

It may sound counterintuitive, but hear us out. Lots of people have tried CBD to alleviate the effects of THC and have reported it working successfully. The entourage effect is where all cannabinoids work to balance each other out so adding CBD to a THC, which is non-psychoactive may help balance out the effects and is regularly used by consumers to help with things like anxiety. So next time, consider trying CBD if you want to balance out your high. 


We recommend trying full-spectrum CBD gummies from Lunchbox Alchemy CBD.


4. Take a Hot Shower or Bath


Hot showers are always the best and are one of our favorite ways to calm down during a panicky high. The hot water provides relief to tense muscles, including abdominal muscles which can create feelings of nausea. Sensory pressure of water also helps to relax an overwhelmed and anxious nervous system. Keeping some lavender bubble bath on hand can also help by adding relaxing aromatherapy benefits to your shower.


3. Cuddle a Pet 


cuddle a pet

So maybe you don’t have a friend to talk to at the moment but who doesn't love their furry friends. And if you find yourself without one, use a stuffed animal. Who says they are just for kids? As we mentioned earlier humans thrive off of social connections and so do our pets! This mutual exchange of love and comfort can create a safe space that takes one's feelings and focus off of feeling too high. 


2. Watch a Movie or Play a Video Game


If you can’t tell, a big emphasis on shifting one's focus has been the theme of many of our tips. Focusing on something else will help reduce feelings of discomfort and make the feeling go away more quickly. Kicking back and watching a movie either alone or with friends is the perfect way to pass time during a stressful high and we always recommend watching something funny. Pineapple Express or Finding Nemo are always go-to classics. You can even load up on some munchies to help pass the time. If video games are your thing, get lost in a good one. It's all about getting distracted from the feeling of being too high.

1. Go For A Walk

It’s important to take your mind off of the high because ultimately it isn't going to go away by stressing about it, that will only compound the anxiety. Walking it off is a great, healthy way to combat the feelings of being too high. You can grab some headphones, put on your favorite playlist or podcast and go enjoy nature and the outside world, which will help ground you back to reality.



Weed itself has never killed anyone. Plenty of people smoke too much and are overcome with feelings of discomfort and anxiety. It sucks but it’s not the end of the world. Ultimately, time is the only true definitive thing that will get you out of too bad of a high. So sit back, try to distract yourself and try to enjoy the ride. If you are experiencing extreme feelings of anxiety and tips of distraction are not helping please seek a medical professional for help.